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Cop Out or In? A New Start for Nature to Feel Good About?

12th November 2021 -here are the headlines- Cop 26 ends today and Children in Need begins- what a metaphor. 1000 migrants risk their lives to cross the channel and 3 paddle boarders don’t make it. The answers we seek for a better world require we address at its heart- inequality.

In terms of Climate change and COP26  as currently politicians drag their feet and people still hope they won’t have to change -I have an image in my mind of people not too long in the distance of the rich countries begging – PLEASE let me help you, in order to save ourselves. Let us be allowed to pay for the changes in developing countries that will move away from the things that threaten our whole planet. Like it or not we are all connected now for better or worse- all in the same lifeboat,   oligarchs and street children.  We can’t buy a new planet – Mars is hostile  and nobody wants to live there. Earth is our only chance, Nature our biggest ally. I’m quite pleased about that ACTUALLY. For too long we just closed our eyes and kicked the problem down the road. This is it. You don’t take anything with you when you go –except what you’ve learnt. I hope we have learnt that we are all connected and it feels good to make a difference.  

Thinking about the case for helping poor countries make the changes we should consider how much of what we now enjoy in the west in the colonial powers was robbed / exploited from the countries that now need our help. We owe them all that cash and resources we took from them at one time to build our economy. We owe the people whose ancestors we dragged by force to work for us.  

So how can we get people to feel the need and want to respond positively to it. Good old self interest would do it. But put it with compassion and a spiritual point of view we can learn to conquer our fears of not having enough. Go with our Higher Self as guide-  they can help us get through and never be without a bike wheel to hand when we have a flat tire! I had that image in a dream many years ago that was a message from my deeper self- you can rely on your higher self to help you get what you need- and so it has been – although that reliance has taken 30 years to seep into my bones.

All of this needs to happen for Nature. And guess what it feels great to help the planet and animals as well as other people- willingly. Psychologically if you make people do something or pay them to do it – it takes a lot of the fun out of it . So ideally they will volunteer to do it- make a choice – and that’s really when it feels good- I don’t have to but I will. We know that when we give to Children in Need – it feels so good, its inspiring to see what our giving can achieve for others. When also we see how little things matter so much. We have the power to be generous and still have enough-but can we face our inner demons that drive us and overcome our never enough mentality? We are afraid that if we give too much we will be destitute and it comes from a long time ago and it’s not about money- it’s about being loved! Will I be loved? Am I safe? A child has endless needs and its unmet needs we get to manage as adults. Our inner child’s fear infects our natural inclination to help and unless we deal with it we face an endless struggle to overcome its reluctance for us to be as generous as we could be. We feel we have to continue to fortify our fortress with money and stuff to keep us safe.    

I feel like I’m living proof that having less- when you choose it – makes you happier .The creative challenge makes life more interesting- when you get enough time to do what needs to be done. Again self-interest will do it. I work less I earn less and spend time growing and cooking real food it’s much more satisfying than spending money.

When we just spend there is no challenge no creativity in it we need to be given the opportunity to express our creative selves in our lives – in the living of it . not like a hobby –but living life as a creative adventure. The current way of living and working  makes us stressed , angry,  we buy aggressively in compensation for feeling so bad.  I have to have 3 holidays in exotica so I don’t kill myself in despair at my crazy lifestyle the rest of the year- see? Don’t ask me to stop travelling for the planet – I can’t, they feel they’ve already given up so much – funnily enough!

If you are unhappy nothing really stops the rot it’s just a sticking plaster until you claim the underlying solution and find a better way to live. So for me that was give up a job I dislike, get an allotment , a lifetime mortgage and a pension and voila- freedom from a slavish need to earn cash and a new focus on what turns out to be eco living- who would have thought it! Give up meat so I can lose weight- good for me good for the planet good for my economics as veg are cheaper. Buy second hand everything from books to clothes and get a Freecycle alert for things for free- have you seen what people give away?!!! Grow stuff on the allotment – I have flowers every day in the season and I feel like a rock star because it’s such a luxury to have something so beautiful in my life- that I never had before. Best of all – I have TIME TO THINK! And Time to sort myself out to be aware of myself and be able to unpick the past and again it’s good for me and good for the planet. I’m not so volatile angry and I find a calmer nicer me under all the stress which is electromagnetic energy (see a brain scan for details). All this terrible weather, electromagnetics playing havoc with the planet. We need to sort our emotions out to calm down the reactive weather. Absorb your own toxic waste and deal with it responsibly- not dump it on the planet- the metaphor is clear for us all to see.

When I start to get away from my negative ego way of living and live more in harmony and stop thinking I have to be something I’m not, contentment can emerge. I’ve been fighting this my whole life thinking that an “ordinary life” isn’t enough ,that I have to do something spectacular in order to make my life matter. And that without that I will be nothing.

Having a new point of view I can see that spiritually – this is fine, we can do what we can do and then relax, I don’t run the world, I’m not God we can only do what we can do and be at peace with that and let go. We don’t know the plan necessary, we are doing enough when we do what we can to make a difference. Accepting our place in the big scheme- neither insignificant or all that is. We don’t need to feel powerless we have access to a lot of it when we spiritually look into it but it is all still a mystery. There is a plan and we need to learn to trust it- that from me – is such a change. Mrs Control, Mrs No trust in anyone or anything. Quite the revelation.

Your Planet Needs You to Make Some Changes!

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