3. Meet the Mentor



This is the third music video in a set of 8 entitled The Journey. This illustrates  a process of change that was initially identified as  The Hero’s Journey by the psychologist Carl Jung. This Journey covers the step by step process of how we can learn to become our best selves by tackling our life’s challenges and  we also find that our work can have a wider impact – what’s good for us is good for the world too.    We may start out by seeking something very material like a new job or a relationship but when we use the process we can achieve our goals but more importantly become a better person in the process. Its not just about what we achieve its about who we are .

We all need a mentor and they come in many guises but the inner spiritual mentor called The Higher Self is what we are considering here. It  could make such a difference when you are at a low point feeling scared . To feel a loving energy giving you comfort in your worst moments. Supporting you emotionally and guiding you to something better. Helping you face those difficult situations .  The Journey is one of Coming Home to ourselves in this way.


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