4. Crossing the Threshold



This is the fourth music video in a set of 8 entitled The Journey. This illustrates  a process of change that was initially identified as  The Hero’s Journey by the psychologist Carl Jung. This Journey covers the step by step process of how we can learn to become our best selves by tackling our life’s challenges and  we also find that our work can have a wider impact – what’s good for us is good for the world too.

Crossing the threshold into the strange world of conscious creation is a gradual process of observing your thoughts and feelings when events happen and discovering they are connected . You can then move on to trying to deliberately attract things to you – small things to start like a parking space. Something I found delightful at the beginning was thinking about a meeting I was due to attend and I would be dreading it and then finding that others would cancel the meetings! Oh Simple Joys!  Another small example – a friend was telling me how much she enjoyed working from home with her dog. I wanted that too and could image how much I would enjoy it and within weeks an opportunity arose to do that. Things began to move in positive ways , before that  my reality had always been clunky and negative. The video is a prompt to begin such a process for yourself if that’s what you want for yourself. More power and influence in your own life and by doing so you also help the wider world.


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