5. Tests Allies Enemies



5. Tests Allies Enemies    – Make Your Own Kind of Music- Paloma Faith

This is the fifth in a set of eight music videos entitled The Journey. They illustrate  a process of change that was initially identified as  The Hero’s Journey by the psychologist Carl Jung. This particular video covers the broad area of Tests Allies and Enemies .

Tests – we all encounter challenges in life – that’s how we grow  and although we complain it is what makes life interesting. Common tests are things such as relationship issues, ill health or the need to find a new more satisfying way of working

Allies – we all need friends along the way and on this kind of journey they could our own internal allies and things that we find useful about ourselves such as a willingness to take a risk or actual friends who we meet at a time when we need new encouragement.

Enemies- from our own impulsive natures to a boss who just wont get off our back we meet obstacles that we need to overcome.


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