Back to Black



Back to Black Amy Winehouse

Learning turns up in many weird and wonderful guises and romance is a popular arena. Love matters to us like nothing else and so it gets our attention and engagement when we get problems.  Often the current romance is an echo of our familiar early relationships that have in some way got unfinished business with as in this song’s story. We act it out again with the opportunity to change the outcome while we heal the past. An emotionally distant father who lets us down and years later we are struck by a desire to pursue some man with a girlfriend still in tow. So the unavailability takes on a quite physical and emotional shape for us to wrestle with. Unfortunately the most active part of us in this encounter is the wounded child who is reliving the trauma inside and its drive to be loved takes us over. The adult has very little say in what we do when we have been super wounded. We can win but we need to heal the pain in the past and then almost like our own little miracle the problem can disappear. The man and women split up and you get your man free of this trouble.


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