Can’t Stop Killing You – Understanding Negativity



Cant Stop Killing You- Kirsty MacColl

Negativity is like swamp right now it seems ubiquitous and even if we stay out of it for a while the media or life seems to drag us back into the mire. I find the news especially challenging right now –nobody spends a lot of time on the good stuff. Aside from the mental health issues this provokes it is more importantly linked to allowing the kind of negative events we don’t want instead of attracting what we do.  This  video takes a look at this. Starting with the world of News and Celebs where it seems lots of ancient wrongs appear out the blue. Then on to our more domestic troubles where we think of some scenario we fear and next thing – here it is! I was an expert on that kind of manifestation when I began my own soulful journey 25 years ago.  We all have things we would rather not think about but it is the fear and secrecy that  in fact allows these hurtful things to turn up in our lives to do yet more damage. Our reality springs from our conscious minds and if we have something on our mind it tends to become a reality at some point.  Now I know from my personal experience that when we processing the past, privately in meditation or therapy things get so much better. We can attract loving positive realities and build confidence in ourselves regardless of whatever else is going on in the wider world.


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