Conscious Dreams



Music- Dreams By Gabrielle

Who is this for? This is for veterans of  conscious creation or beginners. We all need to remind ourselves of the need to practice  our metaphysics and we all have days when we need a lift that this provides in terms of inspiration. This video has something for business owners employees and students alike.

What is the Objective? We need to be constantly reminding ourselves of how we can successfully attract the realities we desire and this video provides both information and inspiration in a fun and engaging musical way.

How to Use it  The more you use it the more you are giving your sub conscious the message it contains and it will respond accordingly. Taking responsibility  for our reality is a powerful tool that grows as we reinforce the message-I’m willing to be responsible and this is what I want…

Illustrative Story!  As a born and bred negative thinker it was much easier at the beginning to notice how my mind was creating my reality by the negative events that were happening . Some of them were so unusual not to say bizarre that I knew I had been thinking about them and it couldn’t be anything other than my mind that has allowed this reality to come to me. For instance I watched a fascinating programme on car cloning- something I had never heard of before. I paid a lot of attention I was engaged and a bit afraid . Fear is a great attractor of realities unfortunately. So what were the chances that a couple of weeks later I stared to get   DVLA notifications of fines for speeding and for driving down the bus lane on the motorway. I couldn’t believe it. I was so shocked but I had to admit it was something I could have allowed into my reality inadvertently.

We allow or create our reality and at first I was finding out the kind of thoughts that were involved. What I learned to do was to correct  my mind wandering to negative thoughts about reality and instead put big crosses in my mind through things I didn’t want  and then imagine in technicolour what would be nice instead.  I did manage to provide evidence that I could not have been in two places and was let off the fines eventually. I imagined that straight away when it happened.

Learning to create our dreams is a step by step process . We imagine what we want- a parking space (start small) and when we get what we want move up a bit. Often when we become aware that we do create our own reality – things change for the better without much interference in certain areas.  So give it a try and start to see what you can achieve.



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