Conscious Dreams Can Come True



Music- Dreams By Gabrielle

Creating your reality is something you already know a lot about as you do it every day. However we now wish to take it from that kind of driving where you get there safely but don’t know how you did it, to that awkward learner driver stage where you find it so difficult because there are many things to do at the same time. Our conscious –unlike our unconscious finds that difficult- so BE KIND!  The emphasis is very definitely on learning how we can do it. Recall that first driving lesson and how you drive now. You went from conscious incompetence to conscious competence and now often you drive with unconscious competence again- so back where you started. However you do know HOW you drive and can take control if something unexpected happens or something you don’t like turns up. Some people are naturally great drivers on a track maybe or some of us are great citizens and drive courteously on roads and are polite and safe. In other words some ways of creating some things will come easily and some will not! Some things will happen as if by magic and some things feel like the labour of Hercules- that’s natural. Don’t get all upset about it if at all possible. We need to be detectives and find out the issues when we try and create if it doesn’t work out after a few times of trying. We can learn how to find out what stands in the way of what we want and change it


What does conscious creation look like? If we want a new job it looks like us making a list of what we want experiencing this new environment emotionally and deciding that yes – I commit to getting this or something better. Then we start to look for an opportunity in ads and all the normal places and lo and behold after a few days of really looking, just the job turns up. We apply and get an interview. We do some homework- we want this job and attend the interview well prepared for it . The journey there is like you are on a magic carpet – so easy and relaxing. They love you and you love them and the job and they make an offer of employment. It’s better than you ever imagined and it turns out the journey to work is shorter and you get more time in bed, you make new friends and the boss loves you. It’s all very smooth easy and works beautifully.


I once had a friend tell me how great it was working from home as she had a dog. That really appealed to me as an idea. I quite naturally as we talked imagined what it would be like if I could be at home with my dogs instead of employing dog walkers and sitters.  A few weeks later a job came up that only required one day a week at most in the office, it was better paid and I was leaving job I hated! The key is really loving the idea, imagining you have it – you see it in your mind and  it feels good and you can let go of it – if it happens it happens if not – it’s not the end of our life. Control is a real reality buster in the land of conscious creation which is ironic. The more you really want it, have to have it, generates the need to control and make it happen which strangles the process – you have to be able to RECEIVE it. That is very different from our I’ll make it happen world. Trust is involved, we hate that! We might be hurt if we go around trusting we can get what we want without manipulating to make sure of it. Trust comes from experience for sure. The more we trust the more we have reasons to trust it seems.


Now we all know those people who everything they do is hard work –drama, effort , failure and disappointment – often that is exactly what creating with just your damaged  ego feels like. It was like that for me when I began anyway. I only had to think about some possible disaster happening and hey here it comes! Just like I imagined it! No more of that. We clear out that attic in the mind full of rubbish we don’t need. We spring clean out the basement with its left over child’s bike and toys we should have thrown out years ago. We clean that house till it’s no longer like the garden shed –a place we don’t want to go because it’s full of spiders. We love this house, its clean its tidy and we feel comfortable living there. Things work well without much effort at all. That’s where we want to aim for and life can be a great deal easier than we ever imagined.



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