Positivity – Coming Around Again!



Music by Simon Webbe  Coming Around Again.

You know why we get caught up in negativity and criticising? Because it’s so easy ! Positive thinking is hard especially at the beginning. Coming up with new ways of imagining your life and what’s in it takes work! So much easier to lie back and just give in to the general malaise and give up almost before we begin! Our brain is like a map with grooves worn into the paths we use most frequently and getting off the path takes attention and a new approach to imaging what we want. This little film is a kick start to the process. Firstly because it cheers you up – making it feel more possible to change things. Secondly this and the other images and messages are something to focus on while we are in process of dismantling those negative beliefs and attitudes. Something beautiful something inspiring is what we need some hope some aspiration to go for it. This little film is a start and can really help you out of a tight spot when you are in a mood! Let’s not get caught up in the dark stuff because you know what- it just attracts more of it- how crazy is that. To keep thinking in negative ways attracts the very stuff we are depressed about. It’s not always easy but use these little reminders and build from there. You can do it! If I can do it anyone can I promise.



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