I Wanna Know What Love Is



I Wanna Know What Love Is – Tina Arena

Wanting to know more about love is surely a central human need. After all the lies and ego nonsense is stripped away we are all just seeking Love, capital L. In order to experience it we will do almost anything as we grow up to secure it, as if our lives depended on it, which they do. Living in an atmosphere where love is as capricious as the weather, as dependant on our good behaviours as the sweets we crave and as elusive as the praise we long to receive we stumble into adulthood with an already full agenda of paradoxes to resolve. If every human relationship has been similar in its difficulties then we may turn to a spiritual life in order to provide some answers and finally we might be getting somewhere. The spiritual aim is to find that connection within ourselves, that unconditional love we long for, in a place that is convenient, demands nothing but that we receive it and is the gateway to every other kind of good fortune. When I tell you my stories about how we are all a part of that Love – will that be enough? No, we have to find it ourselves but without knowing what is possible how can we even dream of finding it.

Some of us just keep trying the same thing over and over hoping against hope that this time it will be different. Some of us give up and determine it’s not possible or not for us or love doesn’t work full stop. Some of us know that we are in need of more love and attention and that when we get that love and that healing it brings with it- we too will eventually be able to share the love we have in us with others instead of demanding that they give us the love we lack. Taking time out of life and relationships to discover that inner connection is a wonderful if uncelebrated way of improving your life beyond riches.

I used to loathe the power that other had over me when love was involved – so very painful to the independent. Be me or do what you want seemed a big dilemma in my love life. Resolving that kind of painful issue is often the work of the spiritual seeker. Almost certainly that paradox will haunt the spiritual life as much as any other relationship. Goddess or our Higher Self will seem as threatening to us as anyone else in terms of what do I have to do for you to love me. It will be there as an obstacle and so resolving that on one level can help in another. If I have a reliable source of unconditional love available to me 24/7 then I can forgive you for not sending me flowers on Valentines and being a little bit preoccupied with trains. You will not be the only source of stability and pleasure and love in my life so it doesn’t matter so much if you are as flawed as you are lovable.

I can accept myself that way and you too. The words of course flow and emotional progress can be so very slow-but we have time – a lifetime in fact in which to explore this box of delights.


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