Mr Blue Sky



ELO Mr Blue Sky

What cheers me up what I’m upset or depressed or pessimistic- animals, sunshine, nature, flowers, beauty, children at play. That’s where we begin this video with lots of thing’s to lift our mind and mood. This is just the best cheer up song ever! Towards the end the song changes to a different mood-more reflective and so do the pictures. Yes we are in a difficult place in the world but I would still rather be here than a maid or school child in the 19th century. I’d still rather be here than in the middle of the wars 1 and 2 with so much loss. I would still rather be here as women get the vote , the NHS is  created and The Beatles tell us  All We Need is Love. We had a great 2012 games in the UK and we can celebrate our success. The Berlin wall coming down is a great miracle of the 20th century and finally- we are in the Information age where in  blink of an eye we get to know ANYTHING! In other words things are improving overall in human development and if we focus on the good stuff and be grateful we can change our perspective. Its not always easy but it is better for us than always being down on what we have right now- give thanks we are not a maid or child in 1950 or a soldier going to war. Look forward to something positive coming out of all this chaos.


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