One Rhythm Nation



Who is this for? This is for anyone who longs to make a difference in these difficult times. We all need a burst of positive inspiration and a reminder of what we can do to make things better for ourselves and the world.

What is the Objective? These are tough times and we all need to come together to resolve the issues that beset us. Social Division, Inequality, Nature in Crisis, Mental Health, Fake News, the list goes on and on of the challenges. It can make you feel powerless and want to turn away or in frustration we are filled with rage and sometimes destruction.  It’s understandable that when we have these issues in the world and we  have emerged from personal circumstances that may have been emotionally and physically painful we have a cauldron of pain that is seeking expression.  We can harness that energy and put it to good use – to make a difference in a positive way. We have to learn how to dismantle our own emotional issues and use the power we release into something positive in the world. Music can inspire us to do just that like nothing else.



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