One Rhythm Nation



Rhythm Nation Janet Jackson

Ideals, how crazy do you have to be to spend time even considering pursuing such unachievable prospects that I put out into this little film. Love- stupid, peace – forget it-it’ll never happen, cutting consumption, caring about the environment- how unlikely. Some of these may be some far off and perhaps never achievable in full but when we hold them as something to be aimed at – we can find it changes reality now. Ideas and solutions that can start to change things can be born out of seemingly nowhere. I know if you are not familiar with new age conscious creation or some of the wackier quantum theories it sounds crazy doesn’t it.  It may be worth a go- after all do you have any better ideas in your back pocket- does anyone ? Of course there are lots of people doing lots of good work but we are going to need some pretty radical change to reboot this wonderful but ailing world. If we don’t start changing our ways ,  behave in some new ways with some new opportunities emerging out of nowhere then what?

I love nature and when I think about it I am so in Love and want to embrace it and protect it. It’s such a big idea that we are all one, connected to everything else but you can know it, experience it even. It is possible. What the quantum world plays out in maths we human beings get to experience for ourselves when given that gift. Out of nowhere like me. We are all one, energy , just all connected –amazing – and it goes on and on and on forever and it’s all LOVE. That’s it –nothing else to see here- just love. Love that looks like a tree a human being or a nuclear reactor. All an “illusion” pretty real looking but not really!  So if it is all just love and it isn’t really real and we do crate our own reality – then hey anything is possible! It’s not real –just like dreams – fly, create a canoe from sunflowers , we have an amazing imagination in our dreams and when we use it we can fly. It connects to something bigger than us and ideas pop into our minds and suddenly the world is different. Riding on a light beam into the future. Let’s try shall we?


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