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Soulful Work is Gardening, Nature, Personal & New Age Spiritual growth and learning how to live life so we can be happy without it costing the Earth. It’s a way to handle confusing and chaotic times and create a stabilising influence. It’s a place of safety while having some fun! Its inspiring music videos designed to keep us focused on what we want and not be distracted by what we don’t want. It’s a community of like-minded people joining in this most monumental time to bring about change in a loving way.  

One Rhythm Nation

What is the Bigger Aim of Soulful Work?

  • Videos to Support and Inspire
  • Help to Find and Create a Purposeful Engaging life
  • Campaigns to bring about a more Balanced Life
  • To Explain How Conscious Creation Works and How it Helps Us and the World.
  • Create a Community of Like Minded People to Work for Change
What is Soulful Work All About

The Soulful Work Videos

In order to be positive we need support to help train our mind in an engaging way to bring us what we want to create. Whether that is more business, great staff relationships, or a vision of how our businesses can help the wider world. These music videos can inspire and offer vision inspiration and useful information and practical reminders of the deeper keys to success.

A Compilation of Some of our New Age Business Work Videos

Angela Courtney BSc. MRICS. Post Grad Cert Business Psychology

Creator of Soulful Work Angela Courtney


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