About Angela Courtney

Hello and welcome to my website. Thank you for taking the time to find out a little bit more about me and what this is all about! This “describe yourself in a paragraph” is difficult when so much has changed over the years, I am a different person to the one who began her personal Soulful Work 30 years ago. Finding out who you are, what you really want in life and then having the courage and knowledge to make it happen is a story I want to tell. From unhappy Chartered Surveyor to creating music videos about a life and work we can love sums it up.

My best moments growing up were the happiness of gardening and being in nature but none of that really grew into a career or a life that felt comfortable or fulfilling. I had a feeling as a child I had something to do but I had no idea what. Subjugating feelings to pursue what looked good to others was at the heart of my difficulties.

I got interested in the New Age via my own chronic illness and a desire to find work and relationships that were more authentic. I learned that I had a lot of unprocessed feelings and it was affecting my chances of achieving the success I wanted as well as my physical health.

Like most professionals, my friends & I tended to rely on logic and reason alone for every decision missing out feelings which causes problems in life. I had more or less managed to repress and forget the unhappy childhood stuff so why bother to bring it all back. My answer is that it never truly goes away. We can either be unaware of it and be blindly led by it or conscious of it and learn to change it . Without feelings its hard to know who you are or what you deep down want. It can be very confusing and so we choose what others tell us we will enjoy. Things like money and fame or big houses and expensive travel which we continue to pursue at even greater levels believing its the NEXT thing that will finally satisfy us. Even when we know this has never been true before we continue to believe it will be the next time.

Meanwhile the planet cannot sustain that level of consumption. So our emotional lives are playing a part in the planets difficulties. Most of all we want and need love to feel happy and fulfilled. The adult us finds the vulnerability of that quite intolerable and so will supress that desire ruthlessly in achievement or consumption or endless activity. Meanwhile the unconscious will make us aware at every turn of that folly. We can find ourselves being driven by our inner drives quite unaware of their origins in the childhood void left by say a distracted parent. That was certainly my experience.

Soulful Work is my attempt to help us find ways to learn how to meet our needs with a Soulful inner connection and help the planet by living sustainably. I create music videos to help the process of remembering what we need to be doing and the Garden Club is a way to bring like minded people together to help themselves by helping the planet . Our emotional lives matter to the health of the planet in many ways and I also like to explain that in different ways. These are critical times in the world – I think its obvious we have to get on with big changes. Soulful Work is all about that and its exciting and challenging to us on every level. Sometimes we need our backs against the wall in order to bring about the kind of effort and desire we need to tackle the work. Now is one of those times. I hope you want to join in this monumental time and in the ways of everyday life help change what needs to be changed for your good and the good of the planet.