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New Age Business Drama – That’s Me

Hello and welcome to my website. Thank you for taking the time to find out a little bit more about me and what this is all about!

This “describe yourself in a paragraph” is difficult when so much has changed over the years, I am a different person to the one who began her personal Soulful Work 30 years ago. Finding out who you are, what you really want in life and then having the courage and knowledge to make it happen is a story I want to tell. From unhappy Chartered Surveyor to creating music videos about work we can love sums it up.

I had a feeling as a child I had something to do but I had no idea what. I was a pub landlords daughter in a part of Derby where you didn’t feel safe at night, hating the harsh and emotionally insensitive atmosphere that pervades places like that. I’m getting out of here sprung into mind one day out of nowhere. I loved to sing as it was my only access to my feelings . So I had a fantasy about singing and fame and fortune but no intention of making of happen. It was useful as an inspiration to work on myself when probably I would not have done so . I had learned we create our own reality and if therapy and spiritual development were required to achieve my goals them I was willing to do it. No dream is wasted, it changes you and then you can get nearer to something truer to the real person.

When I left school I didn’t want to go to University straight away and I didn’t know what to do in any case. I wanted some freedom so I took a job for the location not the vocation. I ended up in a bank in Piccadilly London for 2 years. The bank I worked in had on the left hand side St James Church- a Centre for New Age Teaching , On the right RADA – the Royal Academy of Dramatic arts. I was working in the MIDLAND bank. That for me, is a perfect metaphor of my work here. I feel like a conduit between business and the New Age. A bit of both so we can all get together and make the most of our situation. Exploring how conscious creation works is something we shall explore together! The future creates our present – drawing us towards it, affecting our reality now. This was obviously a hint of what was to come. We drop little hints for ourselves. If we pay attention we might learn something about our destiny. It is possible because there is no such thing as time- its all happening now! Yes its weird and I don’t really understand it but I can see it working. Science at the Quantum level describes it pretty much. I have a lot of stories that illustrate that life is not what we imagine it to be. I look forward to sharing them with you.

I got interested in the New Age via my own chronic illness and the death of a parent. Both very difficult to deal with and pretty much insoluble. I learned that I had a lot of unprocessed feelings about one that led to the other and it was affecting my chances of achieving the success I wanted. It was that affect on success that made me turn inward to take a look at what I had so far managed to ignore. You have to be strong you have to be independent and never need anything from anyone otherwise you get hurt were just some of the mantras I had adopted. I was 26 by the time I was fed up of my reality sufficiently to begin to look at it and try to change it.

The thrill of discovering more of who you are, the power you’ve lost brought back . The influence on your everyday reality cannot be underestimated. I tended to believe that deep down we are helpless and that life is a random and cruel mistress -so that was often what I attracted . I tended to believe that life is hard work and it was. I did not expect to get what I wanted- and life didn’t disappoint! These were my enemies hatched from a harsh early life that I had to heal / conquer/ tame /transform. In the process I had to learn about my thoughts and feelings. Like most professionals, my friends & I tended to dine on logic and reason alone for every meal, missing out feelings which eventually causes problems in life. We had more or less managed to forget the childhood stuff so why they asked bother to bring it all back was the question I was asked ? My answer- it never goes away we can either can be unconscious and led by it or conscious of it and learn to change . Without feelings its hard to know who you are or what you deep down want. It can be very confusing and so we choose what society tells us we will enjoy. Things like money and houses and travel which are all great in their own way but we mustn’t elevate them to anything other than what they are. They don’t fill a hole where meaning and purpose should be.

Soulful Work is my attempt to help us find ways to love what we do by reminding ourselves of the things we need to be doing to make that happen. That includes emotional work and editing our thoughts and feelings and using our focus positively. I believe that when we do that for ourselves we change how we operate in the world for the better and that has a wider impact . Its important we do things we enjoy and not sacrifice as that only leads to resentment, anger and being a martyr which is not good for the health. I want to inspire us all including myself to feel good and do good and have some fun along the way.

Please see the video below as a visual musical review of how I got here .

Take Care


I’m A Different Person