I Gotta Try



I Gotta Try Michael McDonald

Many people these days are looking for a purpose – something meaningful to do in life, not just a job but a kind of calling. The sort of thing that brings out the best in us.  The current crisis in the environment does challenge us to change and its that kind of mission that can bring us all together. Consume less, grow flowers for bees, eat less meat, stop travelling recklessly and be positive- these are all within our own hands -no one else’s. We don’t need to sacrifice- that leads to resentment. When we change inside , these outside changes come from within and are a natural expression of how much we want to love ourselves and the world. It feels good to be part of a loving mission, a real task is upon us . This video is an exploration of how the last threat we faced reflects some of this and I hope it provides an inspiration to try!



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